Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chris Uggen Has a Blog?!

Chris Uggen has a blog!! It is totally awesome!! If I didn't have to work, I'd want to read all of his archives. Once I get done with this last push, I'll probably start with his "longer and vibier posts" on the right hand sidebar.

I feel abashed, because he linked to me without me noticing, and I only recently discovered his three year old blog by looking through the blogrolls on the sociology blogs I read. I only started reading sociology blogs about a year ago, starting with OrgTheory and Jeremy Freese's old website before he started Scatterplot. Then I joined Scatterplot at Jeremy's kind invitation, and it's been like a whole new world's open to me!

This is like a gift, people. Remember when I expressed wonder that Bob Sutton has a blog? It is amazing to me that established scholars blog, but I don't know why. These people are the rockstars of sociology! I know, or rather at least now I know, because I often take classes taught by these rockstars' L&S co-authors. It is not unlike reading opinions by Guido Calabresi and all of his law review articles and then going "WTF! Guido Calabresi has a totally hip, cool, and irreverent blog!" (Blog correlate for people of different political persuasions: Richard Posner, who of course has a blog that everyone knows about--The Becker-Posner Blog).

My friends in the program are shocked to realize that the sociology/L&S rockstars blog. No one at our school does. Our professors don't, even if they co-author papers with Teh Rockstars. This brings the total to three of major collaborator rockstars of my professors I have found online (the other one being LBN), making me seriously worry that my advisor and one of my professors reads their blogs and thus maybe mine. I really try to hide this dirty time-consuming habit from my actual professors at my school. If not for the awesomeness of The Socioblogopia, I would have wished that I had stayed in my little niche of the legal blogosphere.

Go read Chris Uggen!


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