Monday, December 01, 2008

practice makes perfect

We're going to a nine course Chinese banquet wedding on Sunday (his friend, not mine), and I'm trying out one of my dresses by trying to see if it feels comfortable after eating two large bean, cheese, pepper and rice tacos. Tostadas, really, since I can't even close the taco into a taco shape.

So far, it's ok after taco #1, although I still have taco #2 and maybe a lemon bar to try out. Not as ideal to eat in as silk jersey, which expands like an elastic waist. I'm going to be channeling Betty Draper, as it has a fitted bodice and full skirt. The bodice makes my waist look tiny and flatters the other curves, but fitted bodices are not good for eating a lot. Maybe I should wear the black silk jersey.

I have a mild food allergy (lethargy, muscle pain, headache, passing out eventually, but not dying) to shrimp and other crustaceans, but I am considering taking a Claritin and having a go at the Chinese-style lobster anyway. If I pass out, TD said that he'd carry me to the car.


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