Monday, December 08, 2008



1. Justin Rice in movies. Bishop Allen the band is ok, but I fucking hated Mutual Appreciation, and this movie sounds like another exercise in solipsism celebrating the delicate epiphanies of the bourgeoisie (or hipstersie), and thus execrable.

2. Clubs and lounges. Unfortunately, TD's work party is at one. The last time we went to a work event together, it was 8 people + significant others at a restaurant and really chill. This time it's like a few hundred in a big club, so I guess I'm changing the outfit to a little black dress with some party-like-it's-1987 dangly earrings. This reminds me, not in a good way, of being in Los Angeles at the more pretentious clubs like the Sky Bar or White Lotus. I thought I lived in crunchy granola town, but I forget the occasional bourgie aspirations of the big city next door, what with the Billie Jean-like light-up walkways and weird modular/pod furniture and pricey drinks. But I am not complaining, except to you. Anything to hear TD play "Don't Stop Believing." We don't generally go to clubs. Actually, we don't generally go out to bars, except occasionally with friends. Actually, we don't drink much. Yeah, I'm just there for the band. Like a groupie!

3. Split pea soup. I apparently make it well, but it seems I don't like the taste of split peas. I ate half a bowl and gave TD the rest. This week I'm making my beef and barley soup, noodle kugel, and more challah. I am campaigning for him to make me sweet potato latkes this weekend.


1. My energy efficient windows and my radiator-style heaters in my living room and bedroom. I used to be so cold. I still love my down booties though. They are not the sexy, but they are teh warm.

2. Vintage jewelry. I have a more subdued version of this necklace, and I covet earrings like these.

3. Sandra Susan Smith's work. So interesting and useful.


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