Monday, October 06, 2008

Who are your Heavy Friends?

Isn't amazing how YouTube always seems to... amaze?

Here's the artistry of Screamin' Lord Sutch - who many consider to be the grandfather of Goth/Shock almost a decade before the Alice Cooper's of the world came on the scene. His most notorious album was Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends, which had the likes of Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, John Bonham and is largely considered to be one of the worst albums of all time - as Sutch was lacking serious vocal talent, especially considering the musicians with whom he worked.

I was introduced to Screamin' Lord Sutch in 1991, when a buddy of mine picked up the "Heavy Friends" album on a whim.

Anyway, here's one of his most "famous" songs, Jack the Ripper (1963) - just sittin' right there on the internets. The week can only get worse from here1.

1 Unless the Angels beat the Red Sox tonight...

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