Sunday, October 05, 2008

weekend report

What I actually ended up doing (and for which Wolfson will probably judge me and my tastes):

We didn't end up doing the performance art flash mob thing. Instead I made a pretty terrific baked challah bread pudding (made with homemade challah, my challah was a little dry but beautiful, but hey, it was my first time baking bread!). And then we went on a five mile hike up and down the summit of a nearby peak. It was really lovely, if alternately cold and hot. But it was tiring. And then we ate a lot of Chinese food, and watched Ghost Town, which was mildly amusing. And slept for hours. Today we ate fried chicken and waffles. All the restaurant supply stores were closed, and so we came back and I reclined on the couch while he brought me a wireless-ready laptop and a diet coke, which is like the most awesome thing you can do for a person. All in all, the perfect weekend.

So, right now I'm reading articles from the school server on culture and cognition. Hmm. What isn't a schema?


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