Monday, October 06, 2008

inverse and converse

You can design your own kicks at Converse.

Question: what would look better/be more traditional/not look stupid: a parchment rubber sidewall that has contrast racing stripes, or one that has no contrast stripes?

Question 2: Should the heel stripe be the same color as the rest of the shoe, or would it not look stupid if it were a different color?

Question 3: Is adding a monogram-like personalization on the heel stripe cool, or does that seem like writing your name on a jacket because there are too many hipsters at this shoes-at-the-door themed Soup-and-Cupcakes dinner party and must thus disambiguate, or are a child/developmentally disabled person who must be reminded of his/her name or would fear losing his/her own shoes if they were not on his/her own feet? I'm tending towards "awesome," but I'm one of those not-a-badass preppies who owns a L.L. Bean ginham trimmed boat tote with a monogram, and used to want to wear a signet ring with my initials for old school glam. So I have certain instincts, and yet usually have to be reminded not to go with them.

These are for a present. If you have no idea what I'm talking about but have an opinion on this (although, how could that be, except that it totally could), I'll email you pics.


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