Tuesday, October 07, 2008

California voters: REGISTER NOW.

This is horrible:

A new CBS 5 poll finds that California's Proposition 8 has picked up support in the wake of a television ad campaign that features footage of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom proclaiming same-sex marriage is here to stay "whether you like it or not."

The poll conducted for CBS 5 by SurveyUSA indicates that support for the measure to ban gay marriage has grown among voters in the state over an eleven day period — most especially among young voters.

According to the poll, likely California voters overall now favor passage of Proposition 8 by a five-point margin, 47 percent to 42 percent. Ironically, a CBS 5 poll eleven days prior found a five-point margin in favor of the measure's opponents.

Admittedly, pre-election polling tends to suck ass, but this is still REALLY WORRYING. I haven't gotten around to re-registering after a short move (since I'm not going to vote in the presidential election for reasons expressed previously, and California's a lock for the dems anyway), but now I will. I encourage everyone else to do so too. This proposition is ridiculous -- a pure and disgusting attempt from the Christians to legislate their preferences for private morality. Those of us who support values like liberty, diversity, and equality need to beat it. If we can't do so in California, gay rights are doomed everywhere. This election is important.

The deadline to register in California is October 20, less than 2 weeks. You can get the form online.


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