Tuesday, August 05, 2008

flickr vs. picasa: i finally get it

So, I'm actually terrified about having searchable images of me up on the net. But for some reason, I just joined flickr, under a pseudonym, didn't tag anything, and uploaded a few pictures so that I could join a certain blog's pseudonymous group pool. I mostly uploaded pictures of food I've made, but there might have been a few pictures of me. And I discovered that I have a lot of bloggy friends with albums on Flickr!

In the past, I've mostly uploaded to Snapfish. More recently, I've really been into sharing albums with friends through Picasa. Not searchable, some albums I can keep by invitation only, and they're all linked to my real life name. And they're pleasingly well-organized. But they're also really lonely. With Flickr, I can see all of my friends' photostreams, and I have more friends on Flickr than Picasa. And while we're at it, more serious photographers and I can check by camera type. Like PBase, but a bigger community. And I do see the value of searching things by tags, so that I can plan vacations. I am currently obsessed with Big Sky Country.


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