Sunday, July 13, 2008

yes, all in one conversation

(NB: Garth Brooks looks like he is possessed by the devil here, so watch with caution)

(I am paraphrasing and embellishing, despite having a perfectly accurate record on Google Chat)

Eminent Sociologist Person: If you have any music recommendations, let me know.
Me: OMG. I have to make you a mix CD.
ESP: Why haven't you done this already?
Me: Because I am lame and it is a lot of work being emo. It takes up many hours of the day. In addition to my real work, imagine spending a couple more hours a day listening to '90s music and looking at the liner notes. There just aren't enough hours in the day.
ESP: It is a lot of work being emo, I know.

ESP: Should I just start with the songs that have the highest popularity on Itunes?
Me: It is hard to say. Itunes people love them some Mariah Carey. I do too, but you may not.

Me: What kind of music was popular in your day in Extremely Small Rural Hometown in the U.S? Country? Although now it is fashionable to say that you like country so long as you qualify it with "but you know, only the old school stuff."
ESP: It was amazing! It was all heavy metal in high school. All heavy metal. And then I come back and all of a sudden all the guys just want to listen to "I've Got Friends In Low Places" over and over again.
Me: That song is about having friends who are dumb fucks.
ESP: Indeed. And yet they were obsessed with it. Despite themselves being clearly in low places. I think that irony was lost on them.

Me: Do you you like Aimee Mann?
ESP: Is she still alive?
Me: Yes! And touring!
ESP: I only have "Voices Carry." That's all I know.
Me: Those are her 'Til Tuesday years. She's done great work since then. She last had popular acclaim in 1999 with the Magnolia soundtrack. Never saw it though. Tom Cruise scared me, even then.
ESP: He scares me too. Why can't other people see it????
ME: They are beginning to. There's an unmistakable look of Stockholm Syndrome in Katie Holmes' eyes.

Me: You say you like Death Cab for Cutie. Do you have all the albums?
ESP: No.
Me: Dude.
ESP: I know. It is hard being old.
ME: But you have money.
ESP: I know, but I spend it all at Whole Foods. Otherwise, it just piles up uncomfortably.


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