Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thing: Lessons Learned Too Late

I figure I'd just cycle through different things until I found one I liked well enough to repeat, and that Thursday would be as good a day as any other. But the alliteration of "Thursday Thing" pleases me, as the "th" sound is one that I never stuttered over as a kid, unlike "R" sounds (not an Asian thing, a Belle's lispy thing), such that to this day I avoid saying "rural" and substitute "bucolic," "countryside," or "agrarian."

Anyway, lessons learned too late:

  • Friends is a fucking terrible show. I feel like a bad person for having ever been into it or laughed at it, and sometimes to this day I still can't help watching it on syndication. Like, you know, how you just can't not watch awful movies from your childhood, like Crocodile Dundee. It reminds me of being 14, when it was like the show I had to watch, every week. WTF was Ross doing with that monkey. Weird! Also, he was so whiny. Why is Phoebe so damned cartoonish with her "Smelly Cat" song? Could Chandler be any more annoying? Monica was so much better when she was Alex P. Keaton's girlfriend and an extra in Dancing in the Dark. Also, I am kind of embarrassed that right now, my hair looks rather like The Rachel, the most vapid character in TV history. My hair had better grow back, and I will never chop it off in a fit of Felicity-induced frenzy again. Even if it does look good.
  • Homemade bittersweet chocolate pudding does not keep more than two, three days max, one person cannot eat 4 liquid measure cups of pudding in three days on low appetite, and thus, wow, what a waste.
  • Ayn Rand is awful. Terrible philosophy, shit writing, perversely misogynist. I learned this around 17. Some people never learn, and so this is a public service announcement. No voting-age adult should be into Ayn Rand. Avoid, avoid.
  • Little wild blueberries bake better than regular ones. Frozen bakes the same as fresh for cheaper, as long as you gently fold the berries and mix the berries with 1 tbsp. flour before folding.
  • Double breasted coats and jackets look awful on me. Ditto, full skirts. Damn.
  • Radiohead is kind of overrated. Mariah Carey is kind of awesome, actually, even if she is wack.


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