Thursday, July 10, 2008


  • Because of the comments thread to this post, I made rice pudding for the first time, and holy moly, it is delicious. My people eat savory rice porridge (congee/chao), and so at first I couldn't wrap my head around the idea of a milky sweet porridge. Sweet sticky rice yes, with coconut milk poured on top. But that's an entirely different process and texture. Anyway. Rice pudding is delicious! And so easy to make! Especially if you make it with super fatty milk and cream and add an extra tablespoon of sugar and a dash of nutmeg.
  • Despite the heat, I now want to make rice porridge.
  • When a bunch of people tell you to do/don't do something, you sort of begrudgingly listen and think of cheating. When Jeremy "Bothering" Freese tells you to do/don't do something and then promise to do/don't do it, holy bother, OK, OK, then, sheesh. That man has power.
  • Star lilies come in all sorts of colors. Seriously, did not know that. I used to think the stargazer was my very favorite, but you know, pale yellow star lilies are really pretty and fragrant too.
  • The only thing that's stopping me from reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is the fact that I bought a very heavy hardcover edition, and I can't read it while lying on my back at night without tiring my arms or accepting the danger that I might fall asleep and whack myself in the face with it. I really should just suck it up and buy a paperback and donate this one to the library
  • Plane tickets are almost prohibitively expensive unless I buy them during sales with far advanced knowledge of my travel dates. Damn it all to heck.
  • I feel a little sad that I no longer have the time to make hand-made cards and presents, and thus outsource that to cute little stationary lines (Eloquent Ink, Snow & Graham, Dolphine) and by going to craft fairs where hipsters with time on their hands do it for me and then I use my sell out capitalist power in expectation of future tenure-track income to buy their handiwork. This Saturday! Will report back what I see and buy. I am hoping to find the most beautiful card in the world for TC. That's pretty much all I can buy, but someone has to support the local crafty hipster economy and I'm just doing my part.


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