Tuesday, July 08, 2008

i'd eat that

In keeping with the feeling of blah and excessive summer heat, I am not really hungry these days. I feel like I can subsist on Diet Coke, ice tea, cold cereal with milk (I am on 2%, but luurve whole), and fruit. And not very much of it.

So I have been trying to surround myself with delicious things that will make me want to eat and that I can eat cold, and it's not really working. Damn! I usually like cold homemade pizza! Also, did I not mention that my fennel-balsamic marinated chicken pasta salad is the bomb? And yet, no appetite for it.

However, here's a line of exotic chocolate bars that makes me think, "I'd eat that." Especially since I keep the chocolate in the fridge during the summer. So far, I've tried the Goji berries bar, and it is super delish. Something about salt and chocolate that is so delectably complex and yet obvious, and it's like a choir of angels started singing in my mouth. Were the bars not so pricey, I'd try them all, except maybe the curry bar or the olive bar. I'm also suspicious of the wasabi bar. For some reason, bacon and chocolate sound delicous--salty, smoky, chocolately, what's not to like? It's like on the one hand, I love bacon, and the other hand, I love chocolate, and so put your hands together, my friend!

I have also been told that this bar will change my life, and so, off to the specialty chocolate shop I go when the heat dies down this evening. Hey, I hardly eat but two bowls of cereal a day, so blowing $8 on a bar of chocolate that lasts three days sounds like a bargain.

Any other chocolate recommendations?


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