Saturday, July 12, 2008

50 Book Challenge #13: Curses by Kevin Huizenga

Yet more depressing comics set in the Midwest! I have a strange penchant for them. Jimmy Corrigan and Chris Ware in general remain my favorite, but I rather liked this collection of short graphic stories by Huizenga. The art is exquisite, which is not something you can really say about some (I am not a fan of Julie Doucet or Aline Crumb, sorry).

There's a story based on a Victorian horror story by J. SHeridan Le Fanu that is incredibly evocative with its use of shadow. There's yet another supernatural story that I didn't really get. There's a beautifully drawn story, in the style of ukiyo-e, set to a sad narrative told by adoption papers. There's another one about theology and the competing theories of hell: punishment or mere annihilation. And yet another on the otherworldly efforts some couples must go through to get a baby. Most of the stories are in black and white, and a couple are in color. I cannot decide which has more impact. Most of the stories concern Glenn Ganges, whom I presume is fictional.


Yeah, I'm getting tired of me blogging about books too. I'd rather be reading them. Hence the backlog of books, the whole me rather reading than writing thing. And I'm not including any that are directly related to my work! That would push me to 50 right now, but I'm only including fiction, graphic novels, poetry collection, and non-FMLA/sexual harassment non-fiction. But I had to get this one in, before I have dinner with The Wolfman tomorrow and pass it along.


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