Wednesday, June 11, 2008

put that hitch in your gitalong

We're going on a road trip this weekend to hang out and watch a dear, darling friend graduate. There are vast stretches of highway with dead air. Thusly, I am making a few mixes.

Mine are usually highly themed, but this time the only themes are "Music I Love/TD Hates" and "Music We Both Like." What can I say? I love JT and Janet Jackson, and he hates all R&B for some god forsaken reason.

Since these are just ambient noise mixes, and he doesn't (bizarrely, to me) pay attention to lyrics anyway, negating the purpose of a "message mix," I am looking for good road tunes.

Any suggestions?

I got "Mustang Sally" and "I Shot the Sheriff" and "Bernie and the Jets" covered, along with some other old school punk and what I call "Dude Rock." But what do you consider to be quintessential road tripping music? Mine never fails to include Tom Petty and Wilco.


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