Tuesday, May 06, 2008

stuff you don't know you want until you become an academic

  • A poweful stapler
  • Lots of paper--reams and reams of it.
  • Extra toner cartridges lying around, just in case, for the Samsung ML-2510, which you bought on sale but then regret because the toner cartridges have to be ordered rather than purchased from the nearby drugstore. Even if they are expensive, and the "compatible" ones turn out to be a waste of money because they print 25% as much for 50% of the cost.
  • An external monitor that swivels vertical so that you can read PDF files easier to save on the above (and the environment).
  • One of those expensive mesh ergonomic office chairs.
  • Anti-glare coating on your glasses, even if that cost more than the frames.
  • An under-desk keyboard tray.
  • New corneas.
  • Better posture.
  • Hands so awesome that you think "carpal tunnel" is some sort of thruway in New Jersey.