Sunday, May 11, 2008 SB edition

No, I only wish that such a thing existed. Really, I should start, except that I'm not a real foodie.

Ok, I am looking up tasty but romantic restaurants in SB for dinner like a month from now.

Recommend one from the following (damn 'nets are conflicting):

  • Bouchon
  • The Stonehouse at San Ysidro Ranch
  • Epiphany
  • Elements
  • Citronelle
  • The Wine Cask
  • Sage and Onion
  • Sevilla

They're all the same in price range, pretty much, and I know he'd rather pay for food that is delish than food that is meh, if you're paying more than takeout prices (because there are plenty of takeout price-range good food options, but "overpriced" is easy to apply to sit-down places). In addition to cheap food delights, he really likes tasty expensive food using quality ingredients that is prepared in interesting but simple ways or however you describe "fine dining." Like, he actually describes menus as "uninspiring."

I am looking for lovely settings, because I am just a silly former poetess with an unrefined palate. We don't drink, really, so the whole "awesome wine list" thing doesn't tempt us. I am actually still weirded out by people serving me obsequiously, but it would help my self-esteem if waiters are not rude to me and did not spill things on me. This would help affirm that I am not an uppity social climber from the wrong side of the tracks and should not sent to Chili's, so I guess that means that I am all bourgie like that and looking for "good service." Having spent three years in Los Angeles, I am not particularly impressed by urban sophisticate funky sexxy settings, so "lovely" to me means interesting architecture and views, and correct lighting.

Thus, I think I'm leaning towards The Stonehouse or Elements, just because they seem like they'd be interesting places. However, food trumps location, so if one place is to die for, I think he'd prefer it there. Epiphany, unless it is super awesome, sounds like a reject from Los Angeles or an effort to urbanize and hip-ify SB.

Any suggestions, SB readers and fellow travelers? I am very grateful for the cheap eats suggestions, because I am all about fish tacos and fish and chips, and he'll be happy too.


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