Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Larry Solum's Academic Wish List

Larry followed up on my post on pragmatic wants over at his blog.

My list of things legal academics want:

A drawer with an ever replenishing supply of binder clips

An office close to the coffee maker

An interview on NPR about their new book


More leave

An offer

More offers


More cites

The ability to type as fast as Cass Sunstein

Dick Posner's book royalties

And things other academics have that law professors envy:


Real scholarly associations

Some idea of what they are supposed to be doing

Fewer arguments about procedure in faculty meetings

Journal editors who understand what they read

Things law professors have that other academics envy


Travel budgets

Journals without standards

Getting a job without writing a diss

Tenure in less than six years

I think we can all agree!


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