Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Help WickedA Go To the ASA

Wicked Anomie, plucky grad student of my dreams, is a little short in funding to go to the American Sociological Association annual meeting this year in Boston because her travel fund was rejected. I sympathize, because I am not eligible for travel funds--although now that I have advanced to candidacy, I can get a one-time grant of $500 I think, and the law school will give me $100. I think I will blow that on LSA 2009. Big spender, me!

Rather than beg you shamelessly for charity (not that there is anything wrong with that), she has opened up a Wicked Nerdcraft store on Etsy, selling blind reviewer voodoo dolls. Not that any of you law profs have any fear of peer review, but some of you might find these useful indeed!

Why should you support WickedA? Because it is good to support underfunded, cash-strapped plucky grad students and encourage them to participate in academic associations and conferences. Also, she wrote a great post on Twitter and Durkheim. And on an instance of penguin rape by seal. She did that statistical analysis of whether popping a collar really saves a cherry. And then she debunked the argument that feminism is bad for the environment. That's reason enough for me!

Except that I myself am a bit impoverished at the minute, such that I'm not going to ASA this year either--it'd be just to attend the conference, and while I could probably crash at Avuncular Law Prof's house, the flight and food would be enough to not allow me to afford to go to Santa Barbara with TD, and all I have to pay is half of our hotel bill. And I have to save up to go to the Employment Law Colloquium this September. And then I'm going to be a bridesmaid again, so that's another large chunk of change for the dress and travel and the bridal spa day.

So, I pass the buck onto you, 'cause I got no bucks. In fact, I should open up an Etsy shop myself. If you are all interested in handmade stationary and bead necklaces, because that's all I can do. If you request a scarf, it will take me 2 years to make it.


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