Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You Don't Think The Onion Is Funny? What, Too Lowbrow for You?*

Ever write something funny, in the manner of an Area Person kind of article, and chuckle to yourself and send it to your friends and loved ones, and think that maybe this is the stuff of blog gold, and then suddenly become circumspect and realize that it's probably TMI and perhaps not that funny, and would not reflect well on you professionally and that you've outed yourself to too many law profs (because hey, blogging is great networking, and you never had the benefit of social capital being a state schooled poor immigrant kid, and so hey indeed) such that you can no longer blog the way you would have blogged if your blog had never become actually read by other people?

Yeah, me too.

*I find it amusing half the time. If you don't like it at all, take it up with TD. Our humor diverges enough for me to not take it personally if you don't (unlike irrational hatred of The New Yorker), so don't get all uppity in the comments if you absolutely hate The Onion. If you love it, we are still homies.


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