Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Yes. A YouTube Post. Fine, Judge Me for Lack of Content.

I have three draft posts on legal pedagogy and work/life. They are so long. I may have to stop doing long essay posts and just link to stuff or something, like most bloggers. But you come here for content, not frequency of postings, right?

I'm also buried underneath work. And trying to struggle with work/life balance myself! Don't you miss the days when I was friendless, living at home, and single. Be patient. Keep reading. Add me to your RSS feed. Come back when there's something to see. (Or likely, that at some point I'll be friendless, unemployed, and brokenhearted in the future. There's always hope).

But until then, how about some Lizzie West? I do detect a tiny bit of reggae influence, making this a compromise attempt with Paul Gowder and TD. I also like the horns and beachy sound. I dig the torch singer video. I really love her song "Chariots Rise," but the video on YouTube is a montage of scenes from the great movie, Secretary, and I fear what you inferential, judgmental lawyer-types will make of my posting that. I tend to refrain from posting even the most mildly sexy poetry from the likes of Neruda or Graves or Cummings. You are so missing out. In some ways, coming out to so many law professors and using this blog as a networking tool has made me circumspect about disclosing anything from which you could infer anything about my personality, character or personal life. Ah, but this is why you smart few have started emailing me, and finding out that for whatever TMI is on this blog, it has no comparison to the real life me.


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