Saturday, April 19, 2008

Diplomacy: The Game

No joke. TD suggests that we get a bunch of people together and play the game. On my computer.

I got the rules.

You got any tips? I am not known for my military strategist skills, or knowing how to form international alliances. Also, I am bad at figuring out which countries to fuck over in my quest for strategic alliance and global dominance. Wait, are you sure the name of the game is "diplomacy"?

Also, how does one play an interactive board game on the computer? It is very quick and cool on the computer (at least when TD tried to stage some blitzkriegs to show me); you just press a button and boom all your ships go. It's also much faster. But does this sound like a good dinner party game? For seven of us to crowd around my computer?

By the way, Patrick J. and The Journalist--you're invited. I figure you guys will have some know how that I didn't get in my years taking international relations courses.


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