Thursday, March 13, 2008


For TD.

Via Jessica Hagy, Indexed.

I have three classes and ongoing research and independent projects, so the work is never-ending, but I never actually count the hours, and I take lots of breaks (but I work at least half weekends). I should, because they are roughly the same as TD's, except that his staying at the office from 7 am to midnight whenever he has to work on some complicated part of "The Deal" sounds so much more impressive. bosses who privilege the traditional work model. Sigh. Reminds me of being a first year law student, or sounds like the stories from the law firm trenches. It's not that I'm not impressed or supportive, more that, man, this sucks. It is ironic, yes, that my current intellectual focus is on work/life law. Well, the benefit of all this time to work this week (and last weekend) for us both is a weekend off starting tomorrow.


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