Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stuff on Spitzer

I don't care much about Spitzer's fall from grace, but I care about federalism and feminism, so here's the only things I consider interesting and worth reading:

Prof. Rick Hills on Sex, Corruption, Federalism, and the Mann Act

Prof. Orly Lobel on Legalizing Prostitution

From Controlling Authority, a brief introduction to Catherine MacKinnon's and Martha Nussbaum's different views of prostitution

(go here for more on Nussbaum and Feminist perspectives on sex markets)

One of the most interesting articles on sex work is by Noah Zatz: Sex Work/Sex Act: Law, Labor, and Desire in Constructions of Prostitution , available here if you have JSTOR access.

Okay, I am also interested in white collar crime prosecution. Here is an article explaining how Spitzer was brought down by the same prosecutorial techniques he helped to pioneer.


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