Saturday, March 08, 2008

Regina Spektor: Fidelity. Better and On the Radio

Faithful readers, don't read everything into everything. If something truly bad happened and you know me off-blog, you wouldn't find out via blog for one thing, and I would be posting up Phil Collins and Dusty Springfield videos so fast the RIAA would storm the doors.

In any case, while I have been admittedly moody and emo lately, I just really like these songs and videos.* Well, okay, there is more to it than that. But not what you are thinking.

Incidentally, minus the curly hair (mine is stick straight), black/white dresses and red lipstick and mary jane pumps are all I'm packing for my next trip to D.C, and I sort of look like some version of these videos. Except, you know, Asian. Which is, I suppose, of some consequence. People** always ask me why I have "some white chick" as my icon/avatar. Well, since I'm pseudonymous, how is a random white chick (and she is not random! She is the great and lovely actress Amy Adams, and she is holding a bunch of letters! My pseudonym is Belle Lettre!) any more random than a picture of some random Asian chick? I am not a fan of essentialist racial identity politics. Open your minds, people. Also, just because I dress pretty, blog cryptically about love, and have pictures of pretty girls on my blog, doesn't mean that I'm any less feminist. I for some reason thought it was important to make that clear, as if my blog hasn't already. I suppose that I have been a touch moody and defensive lately. Imagine trying to live with me.

*I like music that exaggerates certain emotions, but lately I've been into ones that do so with happy, poppy melodies. Interesting juxtaposition.

**This is based on many people's comments, not including TL, although she used to think I looked like Amy Adams. In my dreams!


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