Monday, March 10, 2008


I forgot to blog this back in January when everyone was making ill-fated resolutions (mine was "do more stuff," which so far is working out), but here is Jeremy's progress on his excellent scheme for staying motivated in his goal to work out at leat 200 days in 2008:

I give myself a gold star every day I work out, and for every day short of 200 stars I earn for 2008, I have to give $25 to a cause I don’t want to give money to. I’ve been trying to decide on a cause. I’ve been wanting to choose a cause that I despise enough to motivate me while not actually being something where I would feel like I was harming others as a result of my sloth. I have thus decided that if I do not make 200 stars I will be sending a check to help fund the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

I was contemplating picking something involving psychoanalysis, astrology, or Paul McCartney, but then I decided that would be overthinking it.

You go, Jeremy! Pump it up!

In a bit, I will go off to walk 3 miles to school, attend a paper talk, and walk it back, because my shin splints are preventing me from running much these days, and I hate working out indoors when I don't have to. I still get a gold star. Even though I followed up my sit-ups and yoga this morning with a cookie.


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