Sunday, March 09, 2008

More Facts

1. Ben Wolfson is very good company, and more than that, a good person. I am glad to know him.

2. I suck at dominoes. Like, ouch. Is there any game that I am good at? I don't think so.

3. Daylight savings is good for my mood in the long term, but hard to adjust to if you have sleep problems. I am utterly exhausted right now, and unhappily doing an assignment that is due in one hour, although I already want to go to sleep.

4. Gender discrimination sucks. Especially structural barriers to wage equity. More on that later, in the critique post.

5. Things do not bode well for work/life balance when I struggle mightily to power through the day on only five hours of sleep, and require six to seven to be fully functional. I am not looking forward to the dissertation writing year. I also wonder how I will get through early motherhood. I seriously, seriously worry about this. Another long day tomorrow means another easy pasta for two. Poor TD. But, I have a job too, even if mine is unpaid (and in fact I pay tuition) and unstructured.


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