Saturday, March 01, 2008

I Am Captain, Not Tenille

Let it be known that despite not knowing how to swim very well (can't tread water, can only do a few strokes for a few minutes, can only float on back) and despite not having much upper body strength, I can sail a 20-25 foot keelboat okay. Just fine, actually. Not bad for not having sailed in six years, and the last time was on a 10-15 foot dinghy.

At least, I can control the tiller without having someone else help guide it me (even though I need to boost myself up in order to see where I'm going), and I can trim a gib sheet taut. I can steer a boat towards some course, and I know when to fall in or go high to keep the wind in the sheets. I could even dock a boat, if called upon to do so, although I have to be walked through for rigging and de-rigging a boat (because it's complicated and I have no memory for such things).

I am teh awesome!*

*Well, TD is more awesome, because he races sailboats, but at least I get to make Boat People jokes.


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