Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Blogging makes the world go 'round

I always like "meeting" people who read my blog. I mean, who reads my blog? Heck if I know. Sitemeter and Google Analytics tells me that roughly 300 per day do, and at least 30% of those hits are regular and returning. I have no idea who you people are or how long you have been reading me. I have no idea why you people read me. I can't imagine that you find me "brilliant" and "fascinating," but since even my best friends and SO don't read my blog, I'll take those compliments where I can get it, even if you don't mean them.

I never had delusions of this blog getting that big, and have been really excited to get even above 10 visits a day (back in the early days). I never thought that the blog would bring me fame, fortune, or love, mainly because I figured I was making sure of that by being pseudonymous, and because I'm not a (fake) hot libertarian chick who blogs about sex a lot, or just trolling for boyfriends. I have had blog crushes and have fancied myself that I may be the object of such a one, but no, this blog has not brought me love, fame, or fortune. Mostly I blogged because I was bored in the year I spent as a Glorified Unpaid Nanny and wanted to talk about law stuff and pop culure with like-minded people, none of whom I am related to. Sigh.

The best thing that ever happened to me, and no, I am not talking about TD, was meeting TL and HLP--through the blog! DG is pretty much teh awesome and fast becoming one of my confidants and good "real" friends. PG is delightful. Zorba is bitchin'. How awesome are the people who read my blog? Super awesome! I'm in more frequent contact with TL, HLP, and DG than I am with most of my "real life" friends, such that I no longer make that silly distinction. Whether in the pneumatic aether of the blogosphere or the viscerally crunchy gravel of the real world, where you meet people and how you maintain those connections matter very little. I will say though, that the idea of eating Ethiopian food and shopping with TL fills me with giddy delight, and so I'm glad I'll be visiting her soon.

So, all to say, although I've said it before and will keep saying it, thanks for reading, do say hi, and here's a friendly hello to my newest blog friend.


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