Monday, March 03, 2008

Aristotle was wrong:

It is possible to pursue a life of vice, and yet not have one's soul corrupted, and even love the good. For our wonderful blog host has, indeed, pursued a life of vice, in the form of country music, Diana Krall, and similar such crimes. And yet, and yet, she does not only have bad taste, defined here as a taste for the bad, she also has good taste, defined as a taste for the good!

For I inflicted a mix CD on her, consisting of the following tracks, carefully chosen as a sequential deprogramming from bad music, and particularly unchallenging jazz, to good music, particularly challenging jazz:

1. Monk's Dream -- Thelonious Monk -- Monk's Dream
2. Blood & Guts -- Mal Waldron Trio -- Blood & Guts
3. Banks of the Nile -- Carlos Garnett -- Black Love
4. Onomatopoeia -- Max Roach -- M'Boom
5. Tiny Pyramids -- Sun Ra and his Myth Science Arkestra -- Angels and Demons at Play
6. Poise -- Ornette Coleman -- This is Our Music
7. Neon Cosmos -- Michael Ray and the Cosmic Krewe -- Funk if I Know
8. John McLaughlin -- Miles Davis -- Bitches Brew
9. California -- Jean-Luc Ponty -- Live at Donte's
10. Spanish Lady -- John Handy -- Live at Monterey Jazz Festival

And she liked every track. And hence she gets to remain one of my very favorite people.


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