Wednesday, February 06, 2008

xkcd of the day

This is from Exploding Dog, but pretty much sums up my life (If you need further explanation, I mean that I am always stuck to a desk, adrift in work, in some ethereal realm of idea and theory. Ignore the link's title):

I find this one sweet and lovely. Although I'm always at my desk, too. If only I were sailing. You can sail to just as well as you can sail from, but each being stuck to a respective desk, there's little hope for coming together. And if only this were possible.

This is occasionally true, although in general those who think it is more important to have the same thoughts about the same books, movies or music (what you like as more important than what you are like) are doomed to die alone, in the world of their own abstractions.

I wish that I had a (slightly) more interesting life, with more adventure.

Then again, I never thought about becoming a lighthouse operator after graduating from college, so maybe I'm just not the adventurous type to begin with. My worldview is rather limited to the confines of academia. As someone kindly pointed out to me. But I think he meant well. I do have breaks, after all! I can have adventures then. I can visit lighthouses.


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