Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What I Really Look Like

...when I'm doing my statistics reading.

With all due apologies to my new friends at Scatterplot. Usually I'm very much enthralled and engaged by my homework! I love STATA! Really!

Granted, this may be due to my "urgent care chronic ache narcolepsy" talking, but perhaps the special care doctor will tell me if this 1) allergies (which I suspect), 2) chronic fatigue syndrome (which would suck), or 3) boredom and ennui (which are epidemic to my generation). And this was taken the other day. I'm slightly better now. Conscious at least. And able to type with one big clown hand.

But one of the benefits of pseudonymity (well, even thinliest veiled, like mine) is that you can admit to stuff like this. That you are human and get sick and fall asleep on top of your books.

Hey, I never said I drop off unconscious when I read law review articles. Nope, nosiree. I would rather read and write law review articles than any ol' novel any day.


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