Thursday, February 07, 2008

Stuff I Like: Nerd Edition

This blog doesn't have enough endorsements, mainly because I don't want to do ads, or have tie-ins, etc. Not a moral superiority thing. In general, I avoid commercial stuff, but I am not above selling out and I don't judge others for doing so. Just that I did most of the html tinkering myself (which is why nothing is centered, any geek help would be appreciated) and I think it has enough going on. I don't really like wish list blegs though. There are very few I would ask for help, and y'all ain't them, much as I love you for reading. Maybe if I had cancer or something.

Still, not like I'm not a material girl. I like stuff. I have a lot of stuff. This is what made moving so hard. And I'm always looking for more stuff.

But, for a random list of stuff I like and actually enjoy, day in and day out.

This American Life, my favorite public radio show and the source of most of my references to something that made me laugh or cry. I can imagine using a few of the clips in teaching, if not for pesky copyright laws.

Samuel Pepys diary in blog form. Verily. I never could finish the thing in book form. The blog format makes me want to drop in once in a while and catch a day in the life of a guy who lived through a hell of a lot of English history.

Moleskine journals and planners, and the people who are obsessed with them. I use mine for really mundane purposes: to write titles of books I want to get, addresses, grocery lists, call numbers, cites, directions, etc. Some people really do that diary thing well, or really draw well. I am not one of those

Faber Castell pearwood E-motion pens with chrome.

The Acme Eames "Dots" pen and the Acme Frank Lloyd Wright "Imperial" pen.

G. Lalo Verge de France stationary.

The Levenger Editor's Desk.

The Original Marble Cover Blank Composition Book.

The Miquelrius Eco Notebook 4.

Staedtler Textsurfer Classic Highlighters.


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