Monday, February 11, 2008

Reasons For NOT Blogging and For Not Blogging on That Thing I Told You I'd Blog About

1. Occasionally, I indulge in a personal life with "real life" people.

2. I am actually working. This may surprise you.

3. I periodically suffer from weird aches that span my head, neck, shoulders, arms, down my back and to my fingertips, and it's accompanied by what I can only call "narcolepsy." This makes it hard enough to sit up at the computer station, and switching the mouse from my right to left hand makes things awkward, and typing is atypically slow. I try to spend my few conscious hours doing work, rather than blogging. This happens every couple of months. It may be "chronic." I don't know. I try to be an American and "suck it up" and so I tend to not keep a "pain log." But it sucks.

This too, shall pass. Probably before my "urgent care" appointment on Thursday. I love, love university health care.

4. Whenever I promise to blog on something (like bourgie on bourgie hatred) or a book review (cough Brian Tamanaha cough Eric Muller cough), it gets blogged in my head before I can actually sit down to write it, and then it just never ends and no blog post I write could equal all the weird thoughts I've had or the conversations I've had with other people. Do you remember when I promised a review of Juno? Two weeks had lapsed before I could figure out all I wanted to say on it, such that I watched it twice (in theaters!) because I forgot certain details. And it ended up being a really long review. A really, really long review. I'd link to it if typing didn't hurt.

Such is the fate of my long, built up, head-blogged blog posts. If it takes a long time to put pen to paper, it takes even longer put fingers to keyboard. Eventually I will get to it. Eventually.

5. I read more than I blog, and it'd be easier to read more if I hadn't had all my books packed up during the months of December to January. In any case, it is easier to pound out a silly post or a Links! post than to review something that has made me think in thoughtful ways. I have a few books to review for the 50 Book Challenge, and some books I'm still finishing because I have finally unpacked them. I am sorry, Eric Muller and Brian Tamanaha.

My fingers are cramping up like an old lady who plays mah jong too much. I'll blog again later.


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