Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Paging Dr. Love, Dr. I.M.N. Love

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Sometime in 2001, I resolved to never again be het up about celebrating Valentines' day, whether I was single or attached. Occasionally I will slip and care a little, even though I know rationally that blah blah it is a made up holiday blah blah. But in general I will not support the Hallmark industrial complex. Since 2001, the day always came and went with little fanfare. And since I keep my girlish figure by eating chocolate every day, it's not all that different from any other day.

Each year I may or may not do stuff especially for the day (with significant others or single female friends or whatever), but it will with any luck be a day that I live and breathe, and so I will do stuff as a matter of course. So far, this year my plans are to go to my "urgent care" appointment, study at the library, go to my quantitative methods lab, have a homemade dinner and bake some cookies while listening to country music. That sounds like a good V-day to me.

But that doesn't mean I won't blog on the day! Here at Law and Letters, let's kick off a few days of V-Day blogging. I invite my co-bloggers to post conventional or antithetical Valentines day posts about love and/or loss. Don't be afraid to get personal. Although I'm not going to. But I am going to try to find the most depressing stuff ever for Thursday. Because I am awesome like that.

To kick things off, a collection of stuff from around the 'nets:

The Situationist Blog has multiple posts in honor of the complex social psychological day that is Valentine's:


Muchas smooches, El Con-KISS-tador.


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