Friday, February 01, 2008


No more coldness,
no more mold
The Creepy Landlord
done got told!
Between the general creepiness, the entries without notice or permission, messing around with something in my roommate's room, having to buy a SpyFinder camera detector just for peace of mind, the extreme coldness of the house, the sink that always leaks, the showers that run brutally cold for 10 minutes in the middle, and the damp mold that always bothers my allergies, I am glad, glad I tell you, to move to a fancy apartment building that I can afford because it's far from school and in technically the gritty city next door.
It's worth it, all the hellish stress of this month.
I feel like George and/or Weezy. Movin' on up! And actually, yes, to the east side. Well, South East.


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