Monday, February 11, 2008

How Do I Center the Blog?

No, I do not mean "on the political spectrum". I'm pretty squarely left of center, and there I shall remain.

Anyway, you HTML wizards, why is my blog always shoved to the left side of the screen in any browser? How can I fix this?

I will let you tinker with the template if you tell me how to fix it. I never migrated the template to the new Blogger, choosing instead to keep my hard-won template (I learned a tiny bit of HTML and CSS just to make it this way!) rather than moving to the idiot-proof widget platform. My blog may be off-center and askew and lookin' messed up, but it is my mess up.

Bonus random thought: never do a google search for "muscle aches swollen fingers diagnosis" if you are prone to hypochondria.I really don't know how I will get through this week if I can only type with one hand.

Second bonus thought: it would suck if this were due to allergies to wheat, considering I eat like two bagels a day.


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