Monday, February 04, 2008


No one posted over the weekend, despite my guilt trip? WTF?!

Some days, they just ran out of carne asada at your burrito place and you have to eat chipotle chicken, which is fine, but not carne asada and you really wanted carne asada after two days of eating spaghetti with butter and cheese because that's all you had on hand after moving and unpacking completely in 2 days.

Some days, the AT&T stores near you don't have a DSL modem in stock, such that you have to travel to get one or wait for delivery, which is NOT an option for he internet-addicted. Some days, you have to get your internet fix (because you have been starved for three unbearable days) by sucking on the sweet teat of your campus network for a few precious hours. And you have to get your blog, email, and assignment/dataset needs met in a few hours before you hunt down a modem. Which means thatyou can't really blog substantively, not when there's days of Scatterplot and Prettier Than Napoleon to catch p with.

Some days, you have all this stuff to blog, but no time or connection do it.

I call them "No Carne Asada" days.

In other news, apart from no having internet access yet, I really, really like my new apartment, the building, and the location.


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