Thursday, February 07, 2008

Awesome New Blog: The Faculty Lounge

Go to The Faculty Lounge!

Sounds like a great blog! You should read this, if you care about law, culture, and academia.

I am very happy to see Dan Filler back in the blogosphere! I am a big fan of his and have missed his blogging when he left Concurring Opinions. He's been busy starting up a new law school (Drexel) from scratch, and I am sure he will have many interesting perspectives on how you build a faculty to get the right kind of Faculty Lounge. I am also happy to see Laura Appleman, who guested at PrawfsBlawg and Concurring Opinions. And Kevin Maillard had some awesome blogging at BlackProf. And dude, Al Brophy, my colleague at MoneyLaw, is this like your fourth blog?!

A great line up! Read them!


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