Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Surely, but surely, two able-bodied and relatively fit young women can load up and unload a 1 bedroom apartment?

I live on the ground floor, and in my future place, on the first floor right past the lobby.

The heaviest things I own are an Ikea full-sized Daselv bed frame with a foam mattress (truly, it benefits me that I am young and my spine is correctly aligned); two big 18 gallon tubs of books (okay those are heavy, but two of us can lift onto a dolly, and two off us can unload off a dolly); several more boxes of books (ditto); a chest of drawers which will be emptied, and an arm-less chair that I have lifted by myself.

Granted, I do not do enough arm exercises, but I can lift up and down 50 lb. children for at least a minute or so, long enough to lift up 50 lb. boxes onto a dolly and into a truck. Can't be that bad, right?

Yet my roommate is telling me that not only do I have "a lot of shit," but also "and that shit is heavy." And she works out and can lift more than me, despite being 3/4 my size (and I'm 5'2" and 120 lbs!) So she is recommending that I get some help, particularly "male" help. This stirs up some grrrl power in me, and while I have asked Jurisprudential Boy of Wonder for help (because he is a boy of wonder!), I was reluctant to do so, and only did so because I caved into insecurity about my own ability to do this. I am so not asking The Dude. He works, man.

But really, surely I can do this myself, right? Granted, last time I didn't. But surely, I can do it this time?

Thoughts from those of you who have moved yourselves, whether you be virile young men or buff chicks? Or weaker women with less upper body strength, like me?


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