Monday, January 14, 2008

A Note About This Growing Blog

It would seem that Law and Letters is quickly turning into a quasi-group blog, and while that wasn't my intention, I am nevertheless pleased with this experiment. I'm going to try this out for a while, although I expect that by May or June it may be the case that this blog goes back to And Then There Was One. Or it may be that all of my guests choose to extend their stays indefinitely. Paul Gowder, you still owe us a post called "So, You Went To Law School Anyway. Now What Do You Do?!"

In any case, I like the idea that my quirky personal/academic blog is becoming a group blog of aspiring legal academics, most of us joint J.D./Ph.D types who are aiming to do interdisciplinary legal scholarship. Where else in the blogosphere will you find such a high concentration of serious aspiring law professors, all of us doing such interesting and varied work in employment discrimination law, organizational studies, political theory and philosophy, the sociology of law, medical humanities and communications/administrative law? Where else will you get the perspectives of five different scholars-in-training who are each attending different law schools and Ph.D programs? And we're actually all presently enrolled in our Ph.D programs, so our perspectives are currently representative.

Also, this relieves some of my pressure to blog daily, which has a double pressure of having to blog intelligently at least 3-4 times a week. Since this is my personal blog still, I still retain the right to post poetry on weekends, pop culture, and a smattering of personal reflection, but now I don't feel that I devalue the blog's mission of being The Chronicles of Academia in doing so. My compatriots will help me take care of the academic and esoteric, and will join in on the fun of blogging pop culture and other things that interest us. Because, contrary to your expectations, we do not only and exclusively think and write about "The Law" all day. We do, surprisingly, have Other Interests.

We are all relatively young and most of us are students. We can admit to being human and having personal lives and interests. We can admit, as so few of you "serious" scholars do, to liking silly, funny things, what we deem to be "cool" music, and admit that no, we did not work last night, instead choosing to see a movie. We admit this here because many of us are pseudonymous and our advisors do not know that we are reading Robert Creeley and watching Juno. And that's another beauty of this growing blog, that it's no longer Belle In Isolation, and so maybe my grad school/aspiring academic experiences are more generally reflective.

I hope that you continue to enjoy the contributions of Paul Gowder, Daniel Goldberg, 1L+, and soon, Zorba The Geek (a lawyer at a governmental agency and aspring academic). And me.


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