Monday, January 07, 2008

The Boxer

This will hopefully be the penultimate post on the subject, as the next post will be in one month with pictures of the fabuous new apartment. I'll post on Juno soon, as it's becoming a sort of essay on being a girl, being a woman, and not/wanting a baby, without being too Lifetimey or Oxygeny.

Rest assured, people. As soon as I sign the lease and fork over the deposit tomorrow, I will no longer worry about being homeless. No, I will live in a secured building with on-site property management in a one bedroom for the bargain price of $1150/month. Yes, to me, this is a bargain, but I'm a spoiled big city princess. The place is hella far from school, or at least farther than what I'm used to (3 miles away), but it's only a 30 minute bus ride (however I used to live only 1.5 miles away and a 30 minute walk ). And it's in a The Dude-approved, safe, bourgie neighborhood (albeit in the grittier city next door, but on the border where bourg meets grit) with independent coffee shops and bookstores and grocery with a bus line that picks up two blocks away and is only 6 short blocks away from the train station. And it is modern and comfortable with energy-efficient windows and heat and just really lovely. I think I'll be happy here. It'll be a space of my own and something to share too. And then this blog will go back to normal.

Anyway, no more boring housing posts hopefuly. I have a month to start school again, research, and pack up, which is not too bad. It's no worse than last May, certainly, when I was trying to do finals, thesis, and packing. This is about the same, and I survived that. I won't say I survived it well, but at least by now you are used to me breaking down in tears on the blog.

For now though, I'm back to living in boxes, which is always weird.


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