Friday, December 07, 2007

Quick Stats

Bowls of chicken soup eaten this week since Saturday: 10

Meals this week that were not chicken soup, not including breakfast: 3.

Quarts of chicken soup I made during period of health and consciousness on Saturday: 10.

Quarts given away to TI: 2.

Quarts of chicken soup remaining: 4.

Persons eating chicken soup in my household: 1.

Awesomeness of savory rescue last night via delivered dinner, on a scale of 1-10: 10.

Hours spent in various libraries yesterday: 9.

Hours spent in various libraries today: 0.

Hours spent in bedroom, swaddled in polar fleece, with space heater two feet away from body: 12.

Hours spent outside of bedroom: 3.

Hours spent outside of house: 0.

Precipitation level: 100%, 1/2 inch.

Number of meetings tomorrow: 3.

Number of hours in total for those meetings: 6.

Papers: 3.

Number of days left till due dates: 10.

Number of days left till Christmas: 18.

Number of persons shopped for: 0.

Number of persons on list: 12.

New additions to the list this year: 2.

Ratio of women to men on the list: 4-1.

Number of family members on list: 2.

Usefulness of no gift policy with respect to parents and siblings, with exceptions for the nine children, seven of whom are too young to realize that attaching "Aunt Belle" to the Christmas tag does not actually mean that the present is from me, on a scale of 1-10: 10.

Number of sentient-but-spoiled children/teenagers to shop for: 2.

Number of good friends for whom holiday presents curiously never became a tradition: 3.

Maximum budget for holiday shopping as ratio of rent per month: 1/3.

Chances that most will receive books, in percentage: 100.

Number of books I've read for fun in the past month: 0

Hours before bed: 3.

Cups of coffee per day: 2.

Cups of tea per day: 2.

Average hours of sleep: 5.

Current level of exhaustion: immeasurable.


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