Wednesday, December 05, 2007

No, Happy Holidays To YOU.

Just a post to say that while Paul Gowder's guest blogging stint at Law and Letters is supposed to end this month, I, as my gift to you, faithful readers, hereby extend his stay for the foreseeable future.

That is to say, I will not "take away" his blogging privileges at the end of the month, and that he may drop in and post for the next few months at the very least.

Thus, Paul, as you and I struggle through paper writing hell, you shouldn't feel like you have to post everything you promised to post by the end of this month or else your guest blogging account will suddenly implode. You have the luxury of time, and there is no executioner standing over your prose.

And in January, I will be pleased to announce a new "guest" team member of Law and Letters: 1L+, a J.D./Ph.D student who should offer an interesting and ever-shifting perspective, being inherently ambivalent and of divided loyalties. Just like Paul and me! If lawyers are hired guns, then lawyers who defect to Ph.D programs and academia are what, hired pens?

I will always be the primary and most verbose blog master, but I hope to keep adding more guest authors for cycles of a few months or so. Guest authors will always be interested in the law, in academia, and hopefully literature. Except for the fact that he is presently occupied with more important matters, I am thinking of one blogger in particular.

In any case, it's all for the readers. The more content the better, especially when you diffuse the responsibility for creating the content. This isn't a quippy, pithy blog, after all.


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