Monday, December 03, 2007

I Don't Even Have To Make Stuff Up

My fever finally broke and I think I am finally lucid. Or at least I have been conscious since 11 am this morning and have not collapsed yet. It may be that 20 hours of sleep did the trick in fixing this fever/cough/hell. I wonder if this is maybe why starlets get "hospitalized for exhaustion," so maybe they aren't all de-toxing from heroin. Perhaps, the next time I pass out into a half-delirious stupor, I will call it "Pulling a Lindsay." In any case, I'm only slightly above temperature and not coughing up lungs.

So, I'm lucid again and back to work, but apparently what I've gained in mental clarity I've lost in discretion and caution. I know that I said in the previous post that I should be more careful, but I am sorry, they hand themselves to me on a silver platter.

Dude, for actual evidence that the incompetent people in charge of my program are completely isolated not only from the wider university but also from the the rest of the law school:

Dear students,

Some of you have inquired about getting business cards with the University logo. I have done a little investigation and discovered that our very own Office That Serves All Law Students Of Whose Existence We Have Just Become Aware Because We Do Not Care About Serving You can provide you with the necessary approvals to sign-up to get business cards.


Advanced Degree Program Manager of Dubious Competence

I actually found this out myself, after "a little investigation," last summer. (Yes, I have 200 business cards that I may just throw out.) It is not hard to figure out how to get business cards with our law school logo, which for some reason they require you to do even though the university seal is much prettier. I just think it's sad that the manager had no idea that students might want business cards, or how the school provides them, and had to "do a little investigation." This is the same director that didn't forward my change of degree form in time to the graduate division to reclassify me as a re-admit, causing me to lose a $9,000 in funding (that was not really appropriately given to me because they confused S.J.D. with J.D., but whatever).

This, my friends, is another reason I am considering transfering to a real Ph.D program with better administration and an actual relationship with the wider university. Imagine, being in one of those absurist modernist stories in which you, Spencer Strawbridge, are at the mercy of an inept bureaucracy, and mishap and cruel ironies ensue. Only the story never ends, or at least doesn't end with you getting together with Penny Pettigrew and defeating the bureaucracy together and installing a new world order of individual liberty (if you are so inclined that way) or collective utopia (if you are alternately inclined).


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