Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Social Conditioning for Misanthropic Lone Wolves

Law school events I have attended/will attend in the name of collegiality, comity, charity:

-Welcome weeks
-Receptions for Eminent Profs and Judges
-Public lectures
-Educational Panels
-Brownbag roundtable discussions
-Student panels for new faculty/dean candidates
-Courtyard socials (although I haven't done this since my previous law school)
-Law school musicals (but I don't think we have one here)
-Bar reviews (very limitedly, and not since 2002 to be honest)
-End of year parties (last one: 2005)
-Public interest law fund raisers (totally)
-Commencent ceremonies/receptions (sure, if I know someone who is commencing)

Things I have never/probably will never attend in all of my seven years of law school (unless I transfer to a Ph.D. program, in which case four years):

-The Barrister's Ball/Law School Prom

I dunno, I guess I'm not a prom kind of girl. I don't even use my locker at school. I don't participate in many SBA-organized activities. I don't buy/receive candy grams. I don't miss going to bar reviews, big drinking parties, or forced socialization events that force a sense of camaraderie among section/mod mates. I am not into cliques. I am full of structural holes in my social network, but prefer it that way. I actively avoid all high-school like aspects of law school, and I'm happier for it.

I'm also totally adrift and have friends on only an adhoc basis, but that's the tradeoff. I didn't have strong section-identity during my actual law school years, and now that I'm in post-grad programs I am totally a lone wolf. But even though I lack the critical mass of social network necessary to have a cohesive group of friends, I'm cool with it. I don't need to go to the law school prom in order feel like I went to law school, nor do I need to go to bar reviews, kegs in the courtyard, or ice cream socials. In fact, not going to these things makes me actually think I should go to law school more, just for the collegial/civic aspects I do enjoy.

Comity and camaraderie crammed down my throat, that I could do without.


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