Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'd Rather Dance With You Than Talk With You

so why don't we just move into the other room:

In other news, I'm going to dance on Friday night. No, I don't know how to dance other than swing or waltz. This will be interesting.

It's for a good cause--it's the public interest law auction/fundraiser. There is supposed to be dancing, which is totally different than Bourgie Metro Law School's, which I remember mostly as sitting/milling around, looking disaffected and cool. It was very much in keeping with the spirit of Bourgie Metro City, where no one seemed to dance. Here, people seem to dance in the streets. Heck, I was just walking on one of the crowded main streets downtown that teem with undergrads. I was walking next to a guy who just randomly started beat boxing somewhere between ______ and _______ but stopped when we hit _________. It was very awesome.

And true to my former critical race theory roots, I am going to resist the black-white paradigm of the "black and white ball" theme and wear deep green silk jersey.


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