Monday, September 03, 2007

Name That Inanimate Object

Anthropomorphic art (e.g. dressing up animals) freaks me out, but I like naming inanimate objects.

For instance, though it currently sits far away in my parent's garage, my 1997 white Camry is the "Bellemobile." It's so named because it moves Belle, and at this moment I wish my real name was Belle because it sounds like a superhero's car.

You can keep going with this. One of my friends named her Honda Civic Basmati, or the medium-grained rice rocket. Still another named hers Rhonda, or Rhonda the Honda. Her boyfriend's car is Lola the Corolla. They're friends. Scooter is a 1950s nickname for a very '90s Del Sol. I've always wanted to name one thing Chachi, and the other one Joanie. Because Joanie loves Chachi.

My wheels are parked (I'm trying to do everything by foot or train since shipping the car or driving it to where I am would be a pain). So right now, my prized possession is my computer, or Belle the Dell.

Good thing it's not a Hewlett Packard.


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