Thursday, July 05, 2007

In Praise of Weirdness

I've been pretty good for a few days, posting up some (hopefully useful) precises of interesting articles for those interested in the sociology, law, or the sociology of law. I've even put up a flowchart that one prof said he'd use when teaching sexual harassment law. I haven't posted my thoughts on the just-ended Supreme Court term, mainly because my thoughts are so unformed. And really, there are so many law profs better informed, smarter, and more interesting to read on the topic.

I keep bouncing back between the personal and the academic, occasionally mixing the two. This is most definitely a "mixed" law/personal blog. This is a bit schizo, I know. Maybe, per Larry Solum's advice (albeit intended for "out" bloggers), I would blog the law stuff under own name, and my weird personal stuff under the pseudonym--if I didn't think that was an impossible situation and impracticable. Some people figure out who I am just by comparing what I write under my own name in comments on certain law blogs, and what I blog about here (you have to read far and wide, my friend). It's easy to pierce the pseudonymous veil, and I have plenty of profs who know both sides of me (and still like me). Still, even in one forum this is limiting. I don't post my own personal thoughts on my own personal path through (and to) academia as often as I used to, mainly because I always come off as insecure and neurotic. But I'm sure I will again, soon.

I can never drop a certain topic or way of writing for long. Those who meet me in real life tell me that my blog persona is more reticent and reserved than my real life persona (which is animated, excitable, and all about TMI and hand gesture-laden conversation). I used to be weirder on this blog in its early days. It's knowing that I am read by lawyers, academics, and sometimes even government people (I see you at that makes me cut back the weirdness. But if you haven't noticed, I've been going off the deep end lately. At least on the weekends, when my hits take a dive (you 9-5'ers). That's when I bust out the Saturday poetry and random essays taking down the latest inanity in the NYT. That is when I go weird.

But I am here to sing praises for weirdness. I am the type of girl who, instead of trying to cultivate an image of unapproachable perfection (she of Breck hair and glossy lips), freely admits within the first 10 minutes of meeting someone that I bought my label maker because it looks like a Star Trek phaser. And then admits that I label everything, even the unsalted/salted butter containers in my refrigerator. You heard me. I also admitted that I watch Firefly everyday, and that I can recite a good chunk of dialogue from Brain Candy, Grosse Pointe Blank, and Office Space. I don't think these admissions get me many admirers, but why would I want to date someone who didn't like Firefly or Star Trek anyway?

And why would I want to write only about the law, when it's fun and self-indulgent to blog my favorite poems, opinions, and life experiences as if people cared? Law profs are an ambitious, but generally risk-averse bunch. Witness myself and my pseudonymity. But I'm not so risk-averse as to shy away from weirdness. I celebrate it. I would sing odes to it.

I think I will start a meme called "Wednesday Weirdness." Of course, that means waiting till next Wednesday.

Also on slate: some thoughts about that ever popular subject, bias crimes laws.


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