Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Random Roundup

1. The always brilliant New Kid on the Hallway on how academia and law school can negatively impact your personal relationship (academia is worse). It's vaguely comforting to read, because while it suggests things will be hard and get harder, it also says "we'll get through this together."

2. A bunch of spoiler-rich reviews of Star Trek, high on the enthusiasm, even higher on the critical contemplation of The Canon and continuity: Scott Eric Kaufman, Timothy Burke, Russell Arben Fox, Amber Taylor. The discussions are so awesome.

3. How the GOP is misplaying their anti-judicial empathy card. God, it's like they all are disciples of Herbert Weschler or something.

4. Not sure how expanding copyright protection to cover fashion design such that gutting the knockoff market will lead to "better, broader design", or how the vaguely defined "squint test" would actually work, but here's Jeannie Suk and Scott Hemphill on this. (Via Amber)

5. Locavores annoy me. And see, it's being turned on its own pointy head! I have still yet to write my "green exhaustion" blog post. Sanctimony and pretentiousness are poor drivers of any social movement.