Sunday, May 17, 2009

The NYT is full of cautionary tales

1. Be careful of lead when you plant your urban garden.

2. Beware of DIY-madness! It can result in DISASTER. There's a reason I won't cut my own hair!

3. Don't play ridiculous Dada-esque "art sports" or else I will mock you. Okay, maybe that wasn't the point of this article. I hesitate to call this a hipster phenomenon, since there's no indication that the attempt at irony is disingenuous. At least arts sports are willfully surreal and ridiculous, rather than inadvertently so in the manner of adult kickball and dodgeball (and don't get me started on "Ultimate." There's a park in the middle of The City where people do all sorts of crazy things with balls on sticks. I cannot begin to comprehend.